How many minutes do you have to have sexual intercourse for both partners to be satisfied (meaning that everyone is orgasm!) Is a question you have probably already asked yourself. Well, this question has been the subject of a very serious study!

Everyone’s rhythm!

A group of American scientists from the Society for Sex Therapy and Research examined the issue of average duration of sexual intercourse.
To carry out this study, about fifty couples went to the game and the verdict fell. The average duration of a satisfactory intimate relationship (reaching orgasm) is between 7 and 13 minutes, excluding preliminaries of course.

The least that can be said is that this time frame is quite broad. However, beyond a quarter of an hour or less than two minutes, the partners are not fully satisfied (and it is well understood!).

In short, these are just numbers and do not take into account the preliminaries. So, no panic, each one its rhythm, as long as each lover derives pleasure and satisfaction from it.