Some time ago, I was looking for the average length of the male sex (and yes, it is also interesting to women!), When I came across a very serious Italian study which states that the male sex decreases by Way.

Honey, your kiki has lost almost 1 cm!

According to a very serious Italian study conducted by the University Hospital of Padua and published during the first half of 2012, the penis at rest lost 0.8 cm in just 60 years.

The study was conducted on young men of 19 years of age from all walks of life. The figures obtained were then compared with surveys carried out shortly before the 1950s.
And no doubt possible! The size of the human penis is beautiful and well passed from 9.7 cm in 1948 to 8.9 in 2012.

Why does sex size decrease?

The study conducted in the country of Rocco Siffredi also put forward hypotheses as to the possible reasons for the decrease of the kikis of these gentlemen.

In short, the plausible assumptions are:
– changes in our environment
– changes in our lifestyle, in particular, the decrease in physical activity (in clear, the sedentarisation!)
– overweight. Obesity during adolescence would be a factor in slowing down the production of hormones produced by the testicles, which is directly related to the development of the penis.
– the pesticides and chemicals we ingest could disrupt hormonal production in man, and thus the development of his sex during adolescence.

In any case, it is the manufacturers of sex toys who have to rub their hands, because if the phenomenon does not reverse (and there is no reason that it changes!), They will be able to sell penis extenders to All these gentlemen.

Afterward, we will again tell me that it is not a size that counts. Certainly, but it is not with a maggot that I will climb to the curtain!